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Shoyu & Miso made in Auvergne

I knew Eri in her previous life and didn’t understand why she chose to live in the green and wild hills of Auvergne. But when I taste her soy sauce for the first time…! The image of an infinitely crystalline water source emerged. Sparkling, in its discreet corner in the center of France.

Usually, Japanese soy sauce is not only salty, it is a concentrate of umami – this is what we call in Japanese the flavor of what is delicious.
Eri’s is perhaps less concentrated than what we know because it is perfectly limpid, clear and almost transparent, except for its brown color with mahogany reflections. Its salty scent is delicate.
But what surprises above all is the abundance of tastes in these very fluid drops, followed by an unprecedented depth, with a very long finish that never ends.
This sauce is not ordinary. In any case, I’ve never tasted anything like it. We find the taste of Japan in the purity of Auvergne. The best of two regions proud of their volcanoes.

– Chihiro Masui

Unpasteurized Shoyu and Miso
Made in Auvergne

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